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Enjoying the Winter

by June 14, 2015 Articles

A couple of weeks ago everyone that I met talk me about the heat on those days, and not just a trivial whether talk but a serious concern. So, I get the Idea of make an intention with the resolution to bring the winter (that it spouse to start t February end, but nobody cares since it never start) to me, rain and gray days where in my mind.
I do a little visualization and thought how nice will be have some rainy days. Two days later it rain, it wasn’t uncommon since it usably rain after a weak of heat like the one that just go by. Then, the next day it rain, and the next, and the day after. It makes me wonder, that was just coincidence or there were something else behind? I’ve never believe in coincidences anyway, so. The next day I weak up and the sky was totally black, it looks like the end of the world, then I knew that was not coincidence, after four days of rain and cloudy sky a storm like this wasn’t normal. Today, and after more rain days in a row, it didn’t rain but it was cloudy all day. Now that I got mi winter I am kind of missing the heat…LOL
Maybe it sound silly, its just rain, but it really amaze me.