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Have you ever lost a tooth — in your lunch?

by May 18, 2015 Articles

Ron Santo is a beloved Chicago character who formerly played on both of the city’s teams in his Major League Baseball career and now serves as a vocal, opinionated Chicago Cubs broadcaster. Now the infamous story of Santo’s toupee catching fire when he got too close to a heater in a press box in 2003 may be outdone by a new tale of losing his tooth in his lunch.

Santo says his tooth popped out when he bit into stadium pizza brought to him during spring training coverage. He rationalized, “The pizza was like probably over a red light. It was a little hard. So I bit into it, and boom.”

The tooth was lodged in the cheese. Fortunately, Santo quickly got a temporary tooth and had a replacement in only two weeks.

Is a sports announcer’s extricated ivory breaking news? Not at all. But seeing your tooth sticking out of any food must be pretty startling whether you’re on the air, at a restaurant, or in the privacy of your own kitchen.

Have you ever lost your tooth in your lunch? What are your crazy tooth-loss stories?