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Is this the end of bathrooms on airplanes?

by January 15, 2016 Articles

Would you protest an airline that took away toilets from airplanes to make room for more seats? Or do you think air travelers should just suck it up and fly on their planes anyway?

I fly for both my job and for personal reasons, and this is the most horrible idea I’ve ever heard. I would agree that for most short hops throughout Europe the restrooms are rarely used, but seriously-what if you finished your coffee and went to the bathroom before you board, but that horrible “I gotta go NOW” hits you in midair?

I already stay away from Ryanair when I’m back home in Europe-they are cheap, but super no-frills (to the point of being dangerous, IMO). This is just another reason.

Thank God! IT absolutely baffles me why people wait to get on the plane to do their business. Spending so much time at the gate waiting to board, there is plenty of time to use the bathroom. It’ disgusting when someone drops a deuce on an hour and a half flight! I think this is ok for short flights but definately not for anything past 2-3 hours.

Ryanair is the WORST airline I have ever dealt with, so I’m not surprised that they are taking away their bathrooms. They probably justify that their flights are generally short, so someone shouldn’t have to use the restroom while on board, but still that’s crazy. They caused my boyfriend and I to miss our flight with them once, because we didn’t have our boarding passes stamped prior to going through security. No one had told us we needed to do this, and when we asked if we were alright at security they said yes that we were. Ryanair claimed it was our fault and so we had to sleep in the airport overnight and purchase the next flight out while we were there. No reimbursement and no shame ever came from Ryanair’s side.

Ryanair is by far the worst airline, however I can’t say that I’m pleased with any airline these days either.