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You Gotta try this

by June 16, 2016 Articles

So there you are, laying in bed waiting on the alarm clock to do its morning deed.  You’ve slept well, dreaming of the taste of your very own famous pancakes for breakfast when you rise and shine.  The taste is a given but you are looking for a new driving force that will push those cakes over the top. The thing that will make anyone who takes one bite want to break out in song.  Buckle up because that is where this ride is heading.

Depending on where you are from, there are a number of “regional recipes” that you can go to that will give your pancakes an extra special appeal.  Something that will set them apart from the traditional buttermilk and maple syrup variety.  From the south?  Go with a little southern flair.  Add a touch of salsa to your batter. (Not too much).  This will give it a little kick that won’t need any of the usual extras involved.  Instead of using butter on these try a little olive oil and lime.

Midwest?  Just look around at all the wonderful things that your states have to offer. Take your normal mix and then add either bacon or sausage to it.  Or even both and don’t forget the ham.  Top this off with some shredded cheese and it becomes a meal in itself. The freshest ingredients are always best, so take advantage of the dairy farms for your milk and cheese.  The markets for eggs and flour.

Our friends in the east have a nice variety to choose from as well.  The fresh seafood can come in handy if you want to add a bit of crab meat to the top of your cakes and then drizzle with a little chowder.  Chunks of shrimp can be added in as well.

If this sounds a bit over the top to you them stick to what you know best but don’t be afraid to try new things or simply add something to what you already know works.  A few drops of vanilla works wonders to liven up your batter.  Throw in a little cinnamon sugar and this will definitely change things for the better.  And don’t forget to get the kids involved.  Children love to help in the kitchen.  Let them come up with their own recipes and see how they turn out.  You never know, you may just find what you’ve been looking for or dreaming of the night before.