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What are the causes of Water Retention

Water retention, or edema, is a common problem which causes puffiness, bloating, tenderness, weight gain, cellulite (a combination of fat and water) and swelling in the arms, hands, feet or Continue Reading »

The best Natural Laxatives

If the waste disposal contractors fail to remove garbage on a regular basis, it starts to smell, which is very unpleasant for local residents. Similarly, if your body’s waste disposal Continue Reading »

Lose 20, Gain 5

My co-workers are starting a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition today. My main goal is not to win the competition but to get back into shape. This seems like a good opportunity Continue Reading »

Optifast Product Risks and Reviews

This organization originated endorse in the 1970’s and should be utilized by those whose weight is causation over serious wellbeing risks. But how does it process? Well, the initial phase Continue Reading »