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Lose 20, Gain 5

by June 12, 2015 Health

My co-workers are starting a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition today. My main goal is not to win the competition but to get back into shape. This seems like a good opportunity to focus on that goal. Ideally, I see myself losing 20lbs of fat and gaining 5lbs of muscle. The competition will most likely be 12 weeks, not that much time.

I have done Atkins once before and it can definitely take the pounds off. However, my wife will not support me if I do Atkins, and I agree with her it is a very lopsided way to lose weight.

I am now thinking about Weight Watchers but am open to any and all suggestions from the 10,000 Thoughts community.

Supporting Actions:
  • I am starting some plan today that will help me keep track of my diet.
  • I am no longer riding the elevator (I work on the 4th floor).
  • I will at least go for a walk when I get home from work each day.
Background Information:
  • I sit in front of a computer an unhealthy amount of time each day.
  • When things are stressful or when I am bored I tend to eat.
  • I have developed a sweet tooth in the last 10 years.

Awesome, finding time to exercise is not easy. The only sure fire way to find time is to wake up earlier than normal and do it first thing. But the only problem with this is your motivation is generally at its lowest when you are lying in your cozy bed in the wee hours of the morning.

God must have a sense of humor, because this Catch-22 is a doozy.

Obviously, though, losing 15 lbs in 8 weeks means you have the motivation to make this change permanent. You will do it.