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5 Top Tips on Taking Care of Your Beloved Pet Birds

by December 18, 2017 Healthcare

A bird is a fantastic pet for any family, but before you get one, it is definitely worthwhile doing some research about the perfect bird for you and how to look after it. This can include everything from daily cleaning and feeding routines through to more long-term care such as training, maintaining their health and what to do if you are spending time away from home.

Once you have all the information you need, to choose the ideal bird and ensure that you will be providing it with a loving, caring and happy home.

Cage Maintenance

It is important you clear any droppings or discarded food out of your bird’s cage every day. This will stop the cage from becoming smelly and dirty as well as keeping your bird clean and happy.

Each month, it is important that you deep clean your page with a specialist cage cleaner. Before you start to clean the cage it is important that you remove your bird and any other movable items to ensure a thorough clean.

Feeding Your Bird

Giving your bird the right food is vital to their health and happiness. Speaking to your local pet store or vet will offer you the best advice on what bird food to feed your pet, how often you need to feed them and whether or not they may enjoy treats if you are planning on training them.

Grooming Your Bird

Before you start to groom your bird it may be worthwhile speaking to your vet about the best way to do this. They may be able to offer hints and tips on the most comfortable and the safest way of ensuring that your bird is well groomed. Once you are able to groom your bird successfully it may be worthwhile purchasing some essentials such as nail scissors, spray bottles and grinding files to enable you to groom them well.

Ensuring Your Bird’s Health

Again, speaking to your vet will give you a good insight into the types of things you need to do to ensure that your data is healthy. As well as getting any injuries looks at, it is also important to ensure that your bird is free from any parasites. A natural and successful way of doing this is to use diatomaceous earth, such as that you can purchase from Diatom Retail, or any other recommended supplier that stocks diatomaceous earth for birds.

Playing with Your Pet

All birds love to play and interact, and each species has their own preference to what they enjoy. You can start by interacting and while you are cleaning their cage by talking or whistling. Once your bird is comfortable with you and you may decide that you would like to train them further in which case finding brief specific resources and how to train your birds will offer you the best advice and information to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions.

Having a bird as a pet is full of rewards, enjoyment and fun, so just remember that it is vital that you look after them correctly to ensure they remain happy and healthy in your home.