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8 Reasons Why I Love to Run…And Why You Will Too

by September 21, 2015 Healthcare

1. I love to eat
Running is one of the most time-efficient, calorie-burning exercises around. When I run, that food I’ve eaten gets burned off as heat energy. If I didn’t run, that food would end up getting stored as an unhealthy and unattractive blob around my midsection. Running many kilometres is what got me slim, and it’s what keeps me that way.

2. I love to be outside
Regardless of this great country’s weather extremes, there is something invigorating about spending time outside, especially if you’re sweating while doing it. Whenever I need an excuse to get outside, my running shoes are always right there asking me to strap them on. The opportunities to be outside and running abound. If I drop my kids at a birthday party, I run. When I take them to a karate class, I run. When I wake up early and everyone else is asleep, I run. When TV sucks, I run.

When I want to, I run.

3. I love to explore
When I travel, running gives me an opportunity to get up close and personal with my surroundings. I’ve run through the Rocky Mountains, on islands off the coast of British Columbia, along dirt roads in the BC interior, on ice-covered pathways along Lake Michigan, down the Maui coastline, while dodging insane drivers in Mexico, and past pyramids in Guatemala. I’ve also circumnavigated Disneyland, seen my share of Washington, DC, explored the Halifax coastline, and become familiar with the parks in Hanover, Germany.

All of this, I did on foot. Running.

4. I love using my time efficiently
While running is an enjoyable activity, it is also a tool for getting and staying in shape; a tool that works incredibly well, providing a huge return of burnt calories and improved fitness in a short period of time. For anyone looking to achieve a high level of fitness, running is a great choice.

5. I love to challenge myself
Running allows me to race. It allows me to measure time vs. distance. It allows me to see what weather extremes I can handle. It allows me to push myself to do it even on days that I don’t feel like it. Even when everyday life has become a grind, running always provides a feeling of accomplishment.

6. I love to think
Whether it is about dealing with issues of the past couple of days, planning for the future, or writing a new article in my head, running gives me the chance to just let my mind wander to find new ideas, find solutions to problems, or just find some peace.

7. I love doing what my body was meant to
Evolution programmed my body to run. My ancestors had to chase down prey on foot in order to survive, sometimes stalking it for hours or even days. Nowadays we can just drive to the grocery store, so I get to do my running without having to carry a spear with me.

Running reaches deep down into something primal inside of me. It says, “Yes! You are supposed to do this. You are supposed to be good at it. The survival of your genes depends on it.”

8. I love not dying
Running keeps my weight down and my cholesterol, resting heart rate and blood pressure low. It keeps me healthy and will extend my life, hopefully by a long time.

One thing I don’t love is the way running makes me smell. My wife doesn’t love this either, but that’s what showers are for.

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