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Are You Going to Die Early?

by September 21, 2015 Healthcare

We know that certain behaviours are linked to early mortality, but according to a recent study, researchers have discovered that people with a particular personality trait are likely to die earlier.

So what is that trait?

The Purdue University study, as reported by Reuters, found that men who are prone to stress, anxiety and worry – also known as higher levels of neuroticism – are likely to die earlier than their peers. Why? In part because such neurotic behaviour is more likely to lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as a fondness for using smoking, drinking and drugs as coping mechanisms.

The study found that smoking accounted for as much as 40 percent of the association between high neuroticism and mortality; the other 60 percent was attributed to biological and environmental factors.

“Research shows that higher levels of neuroticism can lead to earlier mortality, and we wanted to know why,” said researcher Daniel Mroczek, a professor of child development and family studies, who added that a better understanding between personality traits and health-related choices may help improve intervention and prevention programs. “It also may be possible to use personality traits to identify people who, because of their predispositions, are at risk for engaging in poor health behaviors such as smoking or excessive drinking,” he said.