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Strep Throat Treatment to Cure the Damn Disease

by June 18, 2017 Healthcare

It is not easy to treat strep throat so never take this problem lightly. The disease starts with common cold and ends in the swollen lymph nodes and inflamed throat and tonsils. So be ware of this problematic disease. Strep throat is caused by bacteria, commonly called as streptococcus. This is a contagious disease and can be easily passed on from one individual to another. Extra care should be taken by the pregnant ladies because this disease can be easily passed on from mother to the new born child and can cause death of the new born baby. It mostly affects those people who have weak immune system because our bodies contain antibodies which normally destroy any foreign particle which enters in to the body. Nowadays a lot of treatment options have been discovered and one can easily employ them to treat this disorder.

First of all: if you suspect that you are suffering from strep throat then you must consult a doctor or any specialized physician for examination. If the doctor confirms that it is, then he will definitely recommend you to take antibiotics. But taking antibiotics only is not the treatment of strep throat. You must take the other home based cure in order to cure the disease properly. If not treated properly this disease can come back to you and even in more sever form.

If you are suffering from the disorder then keep all your utensils, accessories, dishes and other related items isolated and out of the reach of your family members, friends and especially from children because it is contagious and one easily fall victim to this disease.

Taking a lot of liquids, tea, green tea, soup and other fluids is among the best strep throat treatments as they help to overcome dehydration and inflammation due to dry itchy throat.

During strep throat one loses appetite because he is unable to swallow anything and when ever he eats, he feels a lot of pain. But remaining empty stomach is not good for the patient and if, empty stomach; the patient is not able to recover easily from the disease. In this condition chicken soup is the best option to choose. One can take chicken soup as it is easy o swallow and it is hot so it gives the soothing effect to the throat.

Taking salt water solution and gargling with it is among the most efficient treatment methods for strep throat. The salt in the salt water solution extract all the water present in the swollen and inflamed cells of throat. These inflamed cells are the root cause of pain in throat and inability to swallow anything. Further this solution also kills the strep throat causing bacteria and also prevents them from growing again. When you feel burning sensation while gargling, this is produced when bacteria are being killed. And after gargling it feels very good.